The Importance of OE Certification

September 16th, 2019 by

A person is driving down the road in their vehicle. Then, it happens: another driver pulls out – and the contact between the vehicles is a sound most people never forget. Because of design and safety features that have been improved by vehicle manufacturers over the years, nobody is injured. However, crashes are still traumatic experiences. Many thoughts race through the mind of consumers: insurance issues, time, how will I get to work? What’s my spouse going to say? What’s my dad going to say? All this adds to the stress already building up.

Now let’s consider the trust factor. We’ve all had issues trusting that our vehicle will be repaired correctly. We assume corners will be cut and items will not be fixed to save cost. This affects both shops and insurers. When we explain the vehicle repair process, anything less than dealer parts is viewed negatively. Like kind and quality, aftermarket or any description other than “new” raises flags to the customer. Many times, they expect that their car will be returned to like-new condition or at least receive a complete paint job and have all of the rust fixed.

The satisfaction with repairs industry-wide is better today than ever before. The problem is that the industry’s reputation is hard to change.

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