One of the most important structural elements of your vehicle is one that you cannot see, the frame. Most of today's cars are built with a unibody frame to provide greater structural integrity and absorption of impact in a collision. Unibody frames are stamped out as part of the vehicle structure. By contrast, in frame construction vehicles the frame is made of steel and designed so that the body of the vehicle is mounted on top of it. This type of construction is found more frequently on trucks. Regardless of the design, the frame of vehicle has multiple functions.  First, it defines the dimension of the vehicle.  The frame is what all other parts align with.  Secondly, the frame is designed to provide safety in the event of a collision. It is built to bend and crumple in certain locations in order to absorb the energy of a collision and protect the vehicle occupants.

Image: NAAA


The energy that is generated from a collision is called the collision pulse. Engineers on your manufacturer's design team are able to direct this pulse around the safety cage that surrounds you and your family in a collision. At Tulley Collision Center in Nashua, NH we pride ourselves on following manufacturer guidelines on repair procedures that need to be followed in order to get you back on the road safely. Our team follows the collision pulse to determine the correct repair process for each vehicle.


In approximately 1/2 of collisions there is some degree of frame damage. It could just be the bumper mounting member that's bent of the damage could be extensive enough to require the replacement of a part or all of a frame rail.  Frame repair involves restoring frame components to their original dimensions and also to their original strength.  When metal is bent it becomes hardened in the bend where the molecules are pushed together.  Through a process called stress relief, the molecules are arranged back to their original configuration and the steel is restored to its original strength.


It takes a well-trained technician to properly repair frame damage and at Tulley Collision Center our certified technicians in our Nashua, NH facility are highly trained in frame-repair and are provided all the best tools and equipment to get you and your vehicle back on the road quickly and safely.